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By Zane Yoshida

South Pacific Elixirs Ltd, the makers of Taki Mai kava shots and more recently, kava powder and kava capsules, is the first company processing kava to receive HACCP and GMP certification.

But what do these letters mean and what does this mean to you – someone who enjoys kava for its taste, its calming effects, or its other health benefits?

What is HACCP and GMP certification?

We mentioned in a blog post at the turn of the year how one of the main focuses of 2015 for South Pacific Elixirs was to become fully compliant with all the stringent regulations imposed upon imports of food, beverages, and supplements into the US market.

HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” and GMP refers to “Good Manufacturing Practices”.

This accreditation is for primary industry, food retail, food service, food manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, brokers, distributers and wholesaler organisations that need to demonstrate to suppliers and customers that they have implemented a stringent system of Food Safety Hazard controls.

In order to receive this certification the organisation must develop, document, implement and maintain a Food Safety Management System that meets specified international requirements.

We have met these requirements and this means that every shot of Taki Mai you drink, or every capsule you take, has been prepared in the right way.

Assistance from Australia

The certification was achieved with the generous assistance of the Market Development Facility (MDF), which is an Australian-funded initiative that has collaborated with South Pacific Elixirs since 2012, as part of its aim to support innovative business ideas for economic growth in Fiji.

The HACCP and GMP certification places us in a strong position for increasing our presence in other export markets in the future. So you can expect to see the four flavours of Taki Mai shots and the kava powder and capsules not just in the US, but in other markets in Asia and Europe soon. Stay tuned for more news…

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