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By Zane Yoshida

Now Shipping! Taki Mai Kava Shots, Powder & Capsules

Just a reminder that the Taki Mai online store is now open for business for customers in Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong…where you can order your supply of Taki Mai kava online and make sure that you’re always in the chill zone.

Not all Taki Mai kava products are currently available in every location. Here’s what you can expect right now, though this is likely to change in the near future:

  • AUSTRALIANS: take a break from your hectic lives with kava capsule supplements; these are particularly popular for people who are travelling (and can’t get near a kava bowl) or have just worked out; other use it just before sleep.
  • NEW ZEALANDERS: kick back with a flavored 3oz Taki Mai kava shot in coconut, chocolate banana, guava or pineapple flavor. These are shipped in packs of 6. Kava root powder (just add water!) is also available.
  • HONG KONG residents: enjoy the coconut, guava, pineapple, or chocolate banana flavored 3oz Taki Mai kava shots.

Free shipping is even provided with Hong Kong orders ($10 for Australia and New Zealand) – so why not check out the online store and never run out of kava again.

By Zane Yoshida

The Taki Mai Store: Now Open for Business!

Announcing the opening of the Taki Mai online store for customers in Australia and New Zealand…

Taki Mai has been available in stores in the US and Fiji for over a year now; we have been busy shipping wholesale orders, but an exciting new chapter has just started.

Now you can experience the tranquility of Fiji direct online through the Taki Mai store. You can also check out the gallery on our Facebook page.

Australians can take a relaxing break from their hectic lives by ordering kava capsule supplements online; these are great if you are travelling or have just worked out.

New Zealanders – you can kick back with one of the four flavored 3oz Taki Mai kava shots, or buy the kava powder (just add water!) or capsules.

This service will be rolled out to more countries in the near future, so watch this space if you are waiting to get your hands on a regular supply of high quality kava products at unbeatable prices.

By Zane Yoshida

Fijian Kava Shots Available in Australian Stores

Great news for kava lovers in Australia –Fijian kava shots will soon be on the shelves.

As reported recently by FBC News in Fiji, Taki Mai is soon to release two new kava products in Australia after many months of hard work meeting the strict standards imposed on imports by the local regulators.

Taki Mai, which is manufactured from 100% Fijian kava grown and processed on the island of Ovalau, will be the first flavoured, ready-to-drink kava in a bottle available in the country; the supplements were released in the USA last year and founder Zane Yoshida (himself born on the island) expects it to be met with equal success in the land he now calls ‘home’.

“The products that we are launching in addition to the flavored kava shots are the kava capsules. We are also very excited about this one – our new instant kava powder. So, you don’t need to do the traditional lose with the ‘sulu’ but rather put in a few tablespoon into your tanoa and drink away.

Taki Mai launch Days in Australia

Taki Mai is due for official launch in Australia today – 3rd October – which just so happens to coincide with Fiji Day celebrations in Brisbane; the kava shots and powder will then be launched in Sydney on Fiji Day celebrations on 10th October and will also be featured at a number of sevens rugby tournaments.

The products will also be available online from this website and there are plans to launch in New Zealand and Hong Kong next year.

Having recently received status as a therapeutic good in Australia, kava can be classed as a medicine. We have been saying this for a while in our blog posts though: kava is one of the best natural stress relievers on the planet!

Now Shipping! Taki Mai Kava Shots, Powder & Capsules
The Taki Mai Store: Now Open for Business!
Fijian Kava Shots Available in Australian Stores