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By Zane Yoshida

Five Great Times To Enjoy Kava

When do you enjoy kava the most?

After a long day’s work in the comfort of your own home, alone with your thoughts? Or out in a kava bar surrounded by friends, family, or work colleagues, chatting about the events of the day and all the latest news?

Kava has become very versatile. No longer is lengthy preparation necessary. It’s available in shot, capsule, or powder form, so it can be taken anywhere you go, enjoyed in many different places, and at many different times.

Below are five times to enjoy kava, but we’re sure you can think of a few more…

Before studying

Kava relaxes you without affecting mental clarity. You can take it before a bout of studying, or while revising for exams, to relax you and soothe the mind, so that it can take more in. It may also calm your nerves before an exam, if you suffer from pre-exam stress.

After a workout

Aching muscles after a long workout or a big game? Kava is known to aid muscle recovery, and is used by people after exercise and even by some elite sportsmen after a game. Try it and see if it helps relieve your tight muscles.

Before flying

Many people are affected by flight-anxiety. Try taking kava before a flight, shortly after arriving at the airport, so that it calms your nerves and prepares you for the journey ahead. You should enjoy your flight – not be stressed by it!

Before yoga or massage

With their ability to provide mental and physical relief from tension, taking kava supplements before a massage or a yoga session is a great way to unwind and prepare you. Whether you have a weekly yoga class or an occasional massage at your local spa, kava shots or capsules tuck nicely into your bag.

Before bed

Kava will not make you immediately drowsy, but it is known to help with getting off to sleep and providing deeper sleep for people who take it an hour or two before bedtime. Unlike some sleeping pills, it does not make you feel drowsy the following day, so it’s a good natural alternative.

When else do you take kava? We’d be interested to know. Leave a comment…

By Zane Yoshida

Sweet Dreams With Kava?

Always wanted to get a picture of a cute sleeping puppy into a blog post! Bear with me – it’s relevant!

The SquareRut Kava Bar in Austin, Texas, is frequented by many University students, because of kava’s reputation for increasing mental prowess and focus while studying.

But, with kava being kava, it also has an almost reverse quality that many people crave. Rather than aiding mental clarity, they take it to send them to sleep – and to dream.

Scott Pingel, owner of The SquareRut Kava Bar says:

“It will relax you but make you more productive. Your dreams will be vivid and you’ll remember them.”

Kava’s sedative qualities

Kava is not technically a sedative, and may not be what you are looking for if you have serious insomnia. Sleep problems may be complicated and can be down to a wide variety of reasons – both physical and psychological.

However, kava is generally classified as hypnotic and is well-known to decrease anxiety, which is nearly always a hindrance to good sleep. The National Institutes of Health in the U.S. even suggests that kava may be as effective as benzodiazepines like Valium or Xanax (which are sedatives) for promoting calmness and rest.

This may explain many observational reports of kava users experiencing deeper sleep.

If we go back to its origins in the South Pacific, we also see that kava’s soothing, soporific effects have been used medicinally to treat sleeplessness for centuries. So you might like to try it as a safe and natural alternative to reaching for the sleeping pills.

Crazy dreams?

Kava has also developed a reputation for promoting vivid and bizarre dreams, as Scott Pingel suggests. If you scour the online forums there are plenty of stories of ‘crazy’ dreams from people who use kava – but in a positive way, not a negative way.

This is probably related to the fact that kava can induce deeper sleep – which is precisely when dreams tend to abound. We all dream – and the inability to remember dreams is what people often mean they say ‘I don’t dream’.

But with kava, the general consensus (without any scientific proof, mind) is that people can recall their dreams better.

Having trouble sleeping? That puppy’s not! Try a few of our kava shots and you might just sleep a little deeper and remember more of your dreams!

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