By Zane Yoshida

The 7 Best Places To Enjoy Kava

It’s a long way from the kava nurseries of Fiji to the health stores or supermarkets where you buy your kava from.

But kava is a good traveller. Above you see a Taki Mai kava shot at the Rugby 7s in Hong Kong. Kava can be enjoyed in many different locations, and below are seven places to enjoy kava in shot, capsule, or instant powder form…

In the locker room

Kava is an effective supplement for aiding muscle recovery. Rugby is a popular sport on the Pacific islands and many professional players enjoy kava to help their muscles regain strength and relieve tightness after a game; but anyone who exercises regularly will benefit from kava.

At the airport

Kava is a known stress and anxiety reliever; it acts as a natural tranquilizer, steadying nerves and inducing a feeling of well-being. This makes it ideal to take as a natural supplement to calm pre-flight or in-flight nerves.

At an event, conference, or meeting

Need to make a presentation? Or a speech? Fear of public speaking strikes many people, with nerves affecting performance. You can take kava to help ease nerves without disturbing mental clarity, so it’s ideal to take before a big meeting or presentation.

At the spa

Kava’s relaxation benefits are perfect for ‘getting in the mood’ for a spa treatment like a massage, or even for practicing yoga. It will help to relax the muscles and soothe the mind, ready for pampering yourself a little.

At the beach

What else could be more relaxing than lazing in the sun at the beach? The classic picture of enjoying kava in a hammock is well chosen; kava is associated with rest, relaxation, and getting you in the mood to take a well-deserved nap.

At home

Whether you like to take kava with family and guests, as a sleep-inducer before you go to bed, or just to wind down after a long day’s work, keeping a supply of kava in the most relaxing place of all – home – is a must for many Pacific islanders.

At any social gathering

On Fiji and many of the other Pacific islands, wherever you find a social gathering, you will also find the kava bowl. Kava is never enjoyed more than in the company of friends and loved ones.

Do you take somewhere else? The above places are just a few suggestions – but, with shots, capsules and powder available, you can enjoy kava almost anywhere on the planet.  Let us know in the comments section below…