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By Zane Yoshida

Kava Life: The Taki Mai Experience On Video

I’ve used many words over the years to try to explain the kava experience…and, in particular, what it means to be part of the Taki Mai project. But sometimes words are not enough; you need a little help from pictures and, better still, video.

This post looks back at a few of the Taki Mai videos that help explain what it means to be involved in the kava industry in Fiji…and to be sending our Taki Mai kava around the world.

This first one simply takes in the stunning view from one of the Taki Mai trucks, as it goes on one of its delivery journeys from the processing plant on the island of Ovalau, in Fiji – where all our kava originates…


There are more images of Ovalau, including the Taki Mai nurseries, some of our kava root drying, and a few different views of kava plants growing in other kava farms on the island, in this video:


What does Taki Mai instant kava powder look like when it’s mixed with water and finds its home in the kava bowl (tanoa)? Well, this should give you a fair idea…


And what does it mean to taste Taki Mai? Well, you probably know already…but maybe we should verify that with Rohan Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley, who sampled Taki Mai at Expo West a few years back:


Wherever you are in the world enjoying Taki Mai, isn’t it great to find out where the kava came from in the first place?

These videos hopefully give you an idea of what it means for Fijians to be involved in growing and making the kava that helps people relax and enjoy life around the world.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask us below.

By Zane Yoshida

A TV Reporter’s View of Kava

American TV reporter and entertainment correspondent Joey Panek publishes a report each week on the MySunCoast website, which looks at the personalities and passions behind the biggest happenings on Florida’s Suncoast.

Interesting that his What’s Up Joey?  report recently did a feature on kava, though perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. Florida is one of the areas of the US with the highest concentration of kava bars and is also where the first US kava bar opened in 2002.

For some reason, wherever there are beaches and sunshine, you’ll find kava!

“Meet the kava root”

Panek’s report entitled “Meet the kava root” is video-based and gives people the lowdown on what they can expect from kava – including quite a bit about its health benefits.

Here are some of the highlights of what he says:

“Staying power”

“Some herbs have staying power and every once in a while, you’ll find one so popular that it even gives way to its own community culture.. It’s time to meet the Kava root.”

“Natural relaxant”

“The root of the Kava plant is ground up into a fine powder, then soaked and strained into a tea. It’s said to be a natural relaxant.”

“Calming, euphoric feeling”

“’Kava is believed to be working on a part of the brain called the Limbic System which is the part that controls emotions,’ says Dr. Bart Price, MD of Manasota Medical Group in Sarasota, FL. ‘It’s giving the similar effects of alcohol where you have the calming, euphoric feeling, but supposedly it doesn’t work on your motor skills or mental acuity.’”

“Alternative to alcohol”

“Kava is often used as a social alternative to alcohol. In fact, it’s advised that the two shouldn’t be mixed.”

“Overall relaxed state of being”

“’It’s just an overall relaxed state of being…some people with anxiety issues come here to partake in it just to chill them out and relax them,’ says Ross Kashtan, owner of Bula on the Beach, a Kava bar in Madeira Beach, FL.”

“It’s a communal thing”

“’Kava isn’t something you just grab and hit the road with,’ says Kashtan. ‘It’s a communal thing. That’s what the tribesmen did on the islands. Everyone here drinks together. The bartender will make sure everyone has a shell of Kava.’ Everyone in the bar raises their bowls together and say “Bula!” as the toast.”

“All walks of life”

“The Kava community is very inclusive and that’s one of its draws. ‘When you’re here, you’ll notice that there’s all walks of life,’ says Kashtan of his patrons. ‘Young, old, black, white, gay, straight, redneck, blue collar, white collar… Everybody joins together, and everybody can just be themselves.’”

It’s great to see kava receiving more positive media coverage and people really capturing the spirit of kava in the US. Joey Panek and his interviewees did a great job of communicating the values of kava culture to Florida.

By Zane Yoshida

Stress Relief: Kava vs Valerian Root

Kava and valerian root are often mentioned in the same breath when it comes to stress relief.

They are mixed together in anti-energy drinks, which are becoming more popular on the shelves of mini-markets the world over. But which one is a better stress and anxiety reliever and what other differences are there between the two types of root?

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