By Zane Yoshida

Kava and Chocolate: A Delicious Medicine?

Maybe you like to drink kava in its natural form; but if you’re wondering how to add a new dimension to that instant kava powder you have in the cupboard, then some weird and wonderful ideas are emerging from creative kitchens around the world.

One of the best is mixing kava with chocolate – could it be a wonderful, delicious new medicine?

Kava and chocolate: not so different

While chocolate and kava may sound like a mighty strange blend, they do share some things in common: both are substances that ancient populations used for various purposes.

Chocolate (made from cacao) was used as a drink in pre-Colombian times in Mesoamerica, with traces of cacao cultivation as far back as 1900 BC. Over the other side of the Pacific Ocean, southern islanders were also using kava in traditional beverages. Both had a bitter taste and both were believed to have health-giving properties.

Mixing kava and chocolate today

One reiki healer from Shutesbury in Massachusetts perhaps took inspiration from this. She claims that her unique kava and chocolate mix is a medicine. Mixing a bowl of raw cacao with ground kava at her workshop, she said:

“It’s really good at releasing anxiety, especially social anxiety,”

It’s cooked as a normal chocolate sauce might be cooked, infusing kava into the chocolate and adding a little coconut oil, coconut manna, coconut cream, and honey; it ends up as chocolate-kava fudge that is frozen and served cold.

This seems like a great way for people who don’t like the bitter taste of kava to enjoy its health benefits, as it is made sweeter and more palatable. The relaxation, anti-anxiety, and muscle relief that kava brings is well-established; if these benefits are not lost by ingesting kava as part of a sweet treat then why not?

Taki Mai instant kava is perfect for such an experiment and can be used during the daytime as it doesn’t inhibit mental clarity; but make sure you treat the highest grade Fijian kava root powder to good chocolate- not just any chocolate!