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By Zane Yoshida

Kava Life: The Taki Mai Experience On Video

I’ve used many words over the years to try to explain the kava experience…and, in particular, what it means to be part of the Taki Mai project. But sometimes words are not enough; you need a little help from pictures and, better still, video.

This post looks back at a few of the Taki Mai videos that help explain what it means to be involved in the kava industry in Fiji…and to be sending our Taki Mai kava around the world.

This first one simply takes in the stunning view from one of the Taki Mai trucks, as it goes on one of its delivery journeys from the processing plant on the island of Ovalau, in Fiji – where all our kava originates…


There are more images of Ovalau, including the Taki Mai nurseries, some of our kava root drying, and a few different views of kava plants growing in other kava farms on the island, in this video:


What does Taki Mai instant kava powder look like when it’s mixed with water and finds its home in the kava bowl (tanoa)? Well, this should give you a fair idea…


And what does it mean to taste Taki Mai? Well, you probably know already…but maybe we should verify that with Rohan Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley, who sampled Taki Mai at Expo West a few years back:


Wherever you are in the world enjoying Taki Mai, isn’t it great to find out where the kava came from in the first place?

These videos hopefully give you an idea of what it means for Fijians to be involved in growing and making the kava that helps people relax and enjoy life around the world.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask us below.

By Zane Yoshida

How To Chill Out When You Get Back To Work

With the New Year starting and many people returning to work after a long break, it can all get a bit much at times. How can you chill out in the office when all you want is to be watching your favourite movie on the couch, taking a swim, or enjoying a long, refreshing winter’s walk?

Whatever it is you’d rather be doing, there’s no need to stress out because of work. Here are a few tips for staying cool in the office:

  • Take frequent breaks

This first one is pretty obvious. Getting snowed under with work and stress is easy if you’re not prepared to walk away every now and again for a break.

There’s a point where trying to plod on will get you nowhere. Either take a walk outside, give yourself five at the water cooler, go kick a ball around, or shoot the breeze with a colleague for 10 minutes…the point is to divert your mind from the cause of the stress. It doesn’t really matter what you choose to do, but music is well-proven to be a great mood changer: try listening to your favourite song a couple of times before returning to your desk.

  • Do a little redecorating

Does your desk area delight you? Or is it just another reminder of how much you hate your job? If the latter then there could be deeper issues at play!

Even so, it’s worth changing things around a bit; put up some new pictures of your family or friends (unless they are the cause of your stress J) or of your favourite holiday destination. There are studies that show that staring at pictures of loved ones reduce pain and stress! Alternatively, pin up your favourite quotes to inspire you or make you laugh. Laughter is a great stress-reliever.

  • Meditate or do breathing exercises

The full health benefits of meditation are only just becoming known. It’s not for everybody but even if you sit quietly and close your eyes for 10 minutes and become more conscious of your breathing it will help relax you.

Shutting out the rest of the world for a few minutes and then returning to it refreshed and with a new perspective will help to calm those negative emotions.

  • Have your favourite brew at hand…

You know where I’m going with this! Whether it’s kava, green tea, coffee, chamomile tea, or Tibetan yak’s hair tea (Ok – I made that one up) it’s important to keep a brew handy for those moments when nothing else will do.

Of course, with the proven relaxing benefits of kava, most people reading this will have a kava shot or maybe even some instant kava at their side ready to mix up for a quick hit to bring tranquillity and calmness to a troubled mind.

Whatever way you choose to de-stress when you return to work, here’s hoping that 2017 will be healthy, profitable, and stress-free for you!

By Zane Yoshida

What Was The Winning Kava Description?

A couple of weeks ago we ran a competition amongst the Taki Mai community to come up with the best possible kava description.

This was prompted by a recent description on the website Tasting Table:

“It’s as if alcohol, marijuana and coffee had one wild night and created the sedating, antidepressant drink. The relaxation mimics the disinhibition brought about by alcohol, and anxiety is relieved à la a few hits of weed. The biggest difference is that it doesn’t alter your mental clarity. You could go back to work and be just as productive as before—if not more—which is why it’s sort of like coffee, too.”

So we threw it open to the Taki Mai community to see what they could come up with. The winning entry was chosen on 15th May and came from Stalin Naufahu, who is the lucky winner of our 1kg pack of instant kava giveaway!

Here is his great kava description:

“Kava is the rope that binds individuals together at ceremonies; whether it be official, social or of any hierarchy of its context, We gather around the Kava Bowl that serves as a fountain of natural ether to converse, to connect and to discover. Inadvertently, the effects of economic and social statures become non-existent as the kin of “kavaship” take hold. A farmer will converse with a business man, a commoner with his king. There is always something new to learn at a Kava ceremony, someone new to meet, new stories to be told and old legends to be preserved in song.

“We drink, we share, we live, and we release the breath we never knew we were holding when the effects of Kava takes root. This is Kava.”

I’m sure you’ll agree it really captures the essence of kava. And we were pleased to see that he was delighted with his winning performance – not so much for himself, but for his father:

“A week ago I sat in my room and pondered what I could get my old man for father’s day. I soon came across a competition entry open to the Pacific for Taki Mai, a manufacturer of instant kava of various flavors based in Fiji. Yes, flavors…believe it or not, there’s such a thing as Pineapple flavored Kava and from what I’ve heard its absolutely delicious. Kava? My pops is all about Kava! I soon turned in my entry without telling a soul in the case I would not win. Today on fathers day, I woke up to find that my old man would be enjoying himself some Taki Mai instant kava after all…Thank you Taki Mai!

Well done Stalin. Hope your father enjoys his Taki Mai kava!

By Zane Yoshida

Describe Kava – And WIN a Kilo of Instant Kava

This is your chance to win 1Kg of Taki Mai’s instant kava – by simply providing an original description of kava. Read on…

There have been many great descriptions of kava through the ages – both complimentary and less so.

Pacific islanders love both the taste and the effects of traditional unflavored kava – but it can be a little strange at first for westerners. Even some of its biggest fans have, at times, described the taste as like drinking a bowl of “bitter, peppery mud”! It can be an acquired taste for sure – which is why our kava shots are flavored with coconut and fruit juice.

But one recent description on the website Tasting Table topped the lot for us:

“It’s as if alcohol, marijuana and coffee had one wild night and created the sedating, antidepressant drink. The relaxation mimics the disinhibition brought about by alcohol, and anxiety is relieved à la a few hits of weed. The biggest difference is that it doesn’t alter your mental clarity. You could go back to work and be just as productive as before—if not more—which is why it’s sort of like coffee, too.”

This gets the after-effects of drinking kava almost spot on – but can you do better?

We’re offering one lucky reader the chance to win a 1Kg tub of our instant kava. That’s kava that has been ground into a fine powder so that you just need to add water to enjoy it…ideal for taking traveling, keeping on the kitchen top at home for when a group of friends come round, or for enjoying on your own.

It’s valued at $137.99 and all we need from you are a few words. Simple – describe kava! This can be the taste, effects, or another angle on kava. It’s your chance to get creative and be original.

The best description will have a tub of the good stuff sent to your doorstep. And, of course, we’ll publish it on here and give you a little coverage on our Facebook page and through Twitter too.

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