By Zane Yoshida

The Taki Mai Store: Now Open for Business!

Announcing the opening of the Taki Mai online store for customers in Australia and New Zealand…

Taki Mai has been available in stores in the US and Fiji for over a year now; we have been busy shipping wholesale orders, but an exciting new chapter has just started.

Now you can experience the tranquility of Fiji direct online through the Taki Mai store. You can also check out the gallery on our Facebook page.

Australians can take a relaxing break from their hectic lives by ordering kava capsule supplements online; these are great if you are travelling or have just worked out.

New Zealanders – you can kick back with one of the four flavored 3oz Taki Mai kava shots, or buy the kava powder (just add water!) or capsules.

This service will be rolled out to more countries in the near future, so watch this space if you are waiting to get your hands on a regular supply of high quality kava products at unbeatable prices.