Taki Mai Kava – Instant Kava Powder 50g


For Fijians to create grog or yagona, dried roots of the kava plant are pounded until they bcome a find powder. Its then mixed with a little water, and poured into a half-coconut shell called a bilo.

This is passed around, bonding friend to friend. So Fijians might refer to kava as the root of all good.

Whats great is that our Taki Mai Kava is potent and high in active kavalactones, thanks to our Kava Science and Expertise. It can also be mixed straight away with water instead of needing to be pounded prior, like Kava in Fiji. We mill ours more finely and we take a bit of extra care with our product to give better yield, consistency and value.

We like to say at Taki Mai : No Pounding Required. Coconut Shell Optional.