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By Zane Yoshida

If you’ve done even a little research on kava you’ll know that one of its famed benefits to human health is as relaxation supplements.

Pacific islanders have known it for many centuries; that’s why kava has been central to their culture, their religious and welcoming ceremonies for guests and nowadays to their social gatherings.

But why do we need to relax? What benefits does that bring us, physically and mentally? What are the consequences of over-stressing ourselves?

The modern lifestyle

To most ancient peoples around the world, stress meant not knowing where the next meal was coming from, threat of a failed crop, threat of intruders or threat of natural disasters.

Today in the developed world we don’t have to worry so much about these things but we still have stressful situations bombarding us from all angles – much of it unnecessarily.

Most of us have enough food (though we don’t necessarily choose to eat the right food, there is more than enough of it around), our houses are not going to be invaded by some outside force and our main towns and cities are generally in locations that make natural disasters less likely.

Yet people are walking around stressed all the time!

Pressures from work, fear of losing one’s job, peer pressure to make more money or to keep up with the latest gadgets and devices, to have a nice car, pressure to pay mounting bills, to cover that huge credit card debt, to fit exercise in to our lives around all the other things, to make sure the kids get off to school in the morning and eat properly, to make sure the dog gets enough exercise…why is everything so stressful?

The advance of technology was meant to make life less stressful…why does it seem more so?


One possible answer is that we have changed priorities – the “consumer” society and the pressure to make money has over-ridden everything, including our health and our well-being. We are seeing the effects of that decision in deteriorating health and over-dependence on prescription drugs for quick fixes.

I’m not here to preach, but without adjusting our priorities and re-focusing on our health and well-being, we will never get to enjoy the undoubted benefits of modern life’s advances.

If we keep up with our unnecessarily high stress/poor diet/low exercise lifestyles we will see further increases in heart disease, kidney problems, diabetes, cancer and other serious diseases.

Stress has been shown to release potentially toxic chemicals which are helpful in a “flight or fight” situation (such as our ancestors may have faced) but which, unless flushed out of the body, linger and can cause the onset of diseases.

Mentally, stress can result in tiredness and lack of energy (insomnia and lack of sleep makes it worse), mood swings and depression; all of which affect not only us, but those around us, potentially damaging our relationships with those we love and thereby adding more stress to the mix.

The quest for relaxation

People need to de-stress and find time for relaxation.


Reducing stress levels may be the first step to improving your overall health. You will find your energy levels pick up, your immune system will better protect you from disease, you will be more pleasant to be around and you will probably like yourself more!

There is physical relaxation, where we are resting the muscles and bones of our body; and mental relaxation where we free our minds of all the concerns and worries that affect us.

Most of us recognise that when we try to sleep there are two types of relaxation needed – not only the physical absence of tension in our bodies but the absence of mental stress too.

It is often the mental stress that people have the biggest problem in dealing with. Relaxation can be achieved by simply sharing a joke and a laugh with friends, watching a movie or sports match, listening to music or reading a book; for others it means getting away from the computer and TV entirely, switching off the mobile phone and exercising or meditating; all are great ways to relax the mind and there is no single right way.

Find your own way to de-stress and try to make relaxation part of the daily routine. You will feel better for it.

Taki Mai: relaxation supplements

This is where Taki Mai kava shots fit in – think of them as relaxation supplements; the days of the energy drinks getting you all pumped up and ready for action are over. We need to relax more, and kava can help get you in the mood for that.

If, in some small way, our kava shots help you put your feet up, clear your mind and enjoy the company of nature or of loved ones more, it means we have done our job properly

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