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By Zane Yoshida

Anyone casually searching for “kava” on the Web will find a few alarming stories as well as the ones which talk about the health benefits. While sometimes it seems that rather powerful forces are out to damage the good name of kava, the best way to battle this is to make kava products above suspicion.

At least that’s the route we’ve taken at South Pacific Elixirs. We are absolutely determined to play our part in getting kava the credit it deserves. That’s why we have focused on producing the best possible quality medicinal kava products that meet the exacting international processing standards.

Partnership with Douglas Pharmaceuticals

You may have read recently that we secured HACCP (“Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”) and GMP (“Good Manufacturing Practices”) certification for the Taki Mai factory in Levuka, Fiji.

We took another important step along this path recently by partnering with Douglas Pharmaceuticals to produce pharmaceutical-grade kava for our kava powder and capsules: the latest additions to the Taki Mai range.

Douglas Pharmaceuticals is a well-established New Zealand- based company of almost 50 years. It is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical development and manufacturing companies in Oceania, with a presence in Fiji and the United States.

Yes – It‘s really medicine!

Since we started this blog we have been stressing the health benefits of kava, especially in terms of stress and anxiety relief. Now we can really say that it’s medicine.

As the Fiji Times reported on June 18th:

“International buyers attending the Fiji Tourism Expo had the opportunity to peruse and sample medicinal kava yesterday…developed to pharmaceutical standards through Nadi-based Douglas Pharmaceuticals (Fiji) Ltd.”

Taki Mai founder Zane Yoshida says:

“Because we were working to pharmaceutical standards, we had to have approvals in place from governments we’re looking to export to, so work in progress for us was six to 12 months.

“We’ve been getting a lot of progress here in Fiji with the tourist market, but also we’re getting a lot of interest in the local market.

“At the moment, the finished products of our shots are produced offshore in the US, so we’re bringing all our products back to Fiji and partnering with Douglas Pharmaceuticals for all kava capsules and kava powder and now our kava shots as well.

“We now have three products for the Taki Mai brand and are also looking at launching a line extension to our shot in six to 12 months. We didn’t expect to expand this quickly but market response has been overwhelming.”

This is good news for kava lovers. Raising the quality of kava to meet international production standards and earn pharmaceutical grade status can only help to raise the profile of our beloved root!

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