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By Zane Yoshida

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a major health problem in most developed countries, and also in urban populations of many developing countries.

It can lead to heart problems such as stroke and disease, as well as to kidney disease: all leading causes of death in western populations. In the U.S. alone, around 75 million adults have the condition.

This is especially dangerous when coupled with rising rates of obesity, diabetes, as well as poorer diets, and lack of exercise.

With many people over-medicated, the search for natural ways to counter hypertension in place of prescription drugs is becoming more common. Though you should always check with your doctor or other health professional first, here are a few ideas for lowering blood pressure the natural way.


No surprise here; regular exercise has a positive effect on many health problems, especially if you are overweight to begin with. A regular exercise program that includes initially light activities like walking should help you lose weight and get in shape, in the process helping to control blood pressure. As your body gets more accustomed to exercise, try stepping it up and getting a stronger cardio workout.

Chiropractic care

Did you think chiropractic care was just for spinal problems? In fact, it has been associated with improvements in a range of health conditions that surprise many people. If you’re looking for an alternative to ‘conventional’ medicine, try a natural approach that has been proven over many years.

Improve diet

No surprises here that diet is mentioned, but I’m not going to include the standard low-calorie, low fat foods. If you’re active enough, you will burn calories, but try to avoid too much processed food and especially highly refined sugar. Eat a balanced diet with more fresh fruit and vegetables and natural, whole foods, as this will help to boost metabolism.


Detoxing your body can be a great starting point for getting healthier and lowering blood pressure; it makes sense to flush out the toxins that have accumulated before you start to change diet and take up exercise. Find a plan that is focused on long-term health rather than merely short-term weight loss.

Drink more water and freshly-squeezed vegetable juice

If you can get your hands on organic vegetables and a juicer or blender, you have the keys to making delicious and healthy liquid foods. Whether it’s a carrot juice or a concoction of green vegetables you prefer, it can be a great way to supplement meals.  Additionally, drink plenty of water.

Take kava

You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? Kava has been shown in clinical tests to be effective in treating mild anxiety; stress can raise your blood pressure, so a little extra relaxation with some calming kava should have the opposite effect.

As well as kava, you might like to try valerian root; but here on Taki Mai we feel that we probably don’t need it 🙂

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