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By Zane Yoshida

If you get them right, kava shots can be fit for royalty!

In 1954, the Queen of England visited Fiji, 2 years after her coronation. You can see the video of that event here.

Queen Elizabeth II was greeted in the traditional Fijian way with a kava ceremony – which has been the way that foreign dignitaries have been honoured for centuries in Fiji. When the first kava “cup” was offered to the Queen and she lifted it to her lips and drank, she was returning the honor to Fiji.

Since then numerous members of Royal families have tasted kava in Fiji.

A blend of the traditional and modern

When we first set out to create Taki Mai many years back we wanted to retain the traditional and local element to our supplements, but make them available worldwide. This was quite a challenge.

Anything that was good enough for a queen was certainly good enough for us and so we carefully selected the right locations and the right ingredients to make it happen.

But getting the right people involved was just as important – and that is our focus here.

It all started with a little (or actually a lot of) research.

Professor Bill Aalbersberg and 6 years of kava research

Bill Aalbersberg

Bill is on the far right

Professor Bill Aalbersberg is an American citizen who obtained a PhD from the University of California and a BA Hons from Cornell University.

He visited Fiji when he was a member of the Peace Corps, fell in love with the place and is still there today.

He holds many roles today, including:

-Professor of Natural Products Chemistry and the Director of the Institute of Applied Sciences at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji

-Former Head of the International Kava Council

-Chair, South Pacific Action Committee for Human Ecology and the Environment (SPACHEE)

-Chair, Fiji Institute of Food Science and Technology

-Chair, Institute of Applied Sciences

We mention the above because these are the credentials of the man with whom we worked with to investigate and understand the properties and benefits of kava.

He is one of the most senior biochemists in Fiji and has been instrumental in promoting the health benefits of kava to the wider world.

We investigated the best kavalactone and chemotype profiles from specific cultivars of kava – to identify the best kava for relaxation and de-stressing.

So we are pretty sure we’ve got it right when it comes to preparing our kava shots the right way.

Our kava shots are modern supplements that provide the most natural and consistent way of relaxing and de-stressing, but using traditional methods.

One of a Kind!

Simply put, we don’t believe that the same level of research, energy, care, concern for health, understanding or commitment, goes into making other commercially available kava supplements.

So, while it may come in a bottle, rather than a coconut shell, and while you may not yet be a king or queen, Taki Mai kava supplements are your taste of the royal life!

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