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By Zane Yoshida

Choose Your Relaxation Elixir

Perhaps it’s a measure of the stressful lives that many people lead nowadays, that there is such a demand for relaxation beverages, come the evening time.

Work and social lives means many of us are running around with barely enough time to throw a meal together, so it’s no wonder that stress levels are through the roof and diet-related health conditions are on the up. What’s the answer?

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By Zane Yoshida

Kava and Anxiety – What’s the Relationship?

It seems like every time you walk down the supermarket aisles, a new relaxation or anti-anxiety drink or supplement has hit the market.

The days of energy drinks are slowly giving way to a more relaxed age of liquid refreshment, but what’s in these drinks and supplements that they can claim to help with relaxation, de-stressing and anxiety treatment? Do they do what it says on the tin?

In particular, what’s the relationship between kava and anxiety? Can kava supplements really help with short-term anxiety?

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By Zane Yoshida

What are the Physical Effects of Kava Supplements?

Kava supplements are becoming more widespread in the west and people are wondering what to expect.

The physical effects of kava in the average person are predictable and consistent, providing the drink or supplement is prepared the same way each time. The problem is that many of the modern preparations of kava are not consistent in the amount or source of the kava.

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By Zane Yoshida

Relaxation Supplements – Are They All The Same?

One natural ingredient, grown organically in one place, harvested and freeze-dried there and then shipped around the world…that’s what makes Taki Mai kava relaxation supplements.

The kava in our shots is grown, harvested and prepared for export in Ovalau, Fiji. But what about other relaxation supplements on the market?

Are they all made with one natural ingredient that remains consistent and predictable in its taste and effect?

The relaxation supplement boom

There is a boom in the relaxation supplement market – around 70% annual growth in the last five years according to CNBC’s recent ‘Hot Start Ups’ report ; an IBIS World report also says it’s one of the best markets to be a start up in.

With this comes a growing number of companies keen to grab a bit of the pie for themselves and jump on the bandwagon, much the same as energy drinks manufacturers did a few years back.

In fact the growing popularity of relaxation beverages is perhaps a backlash to the energy drink boom.

In any case, this means that with all these new drinks coming on to the shelves, you have more choice. But it will pay to read the labels.

What’s actually in your relaxation supplement?

It’s becoming more and more important to read and understand the labels on the food and drinks we consume.

In some cases you can read a label and still not understand what’s in it…that’s usually a bad sign as who really understands what E-numbers or the complex chemical compounds that are put in some food and drinks really are?

Relaxation drinks are not FDA regulated, but are promoted as healthy, so one would hope there are no artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives for a start. Again – check the label.

What else is added to these drinks?

Well, according to a Wall Street Journal article from 2010:

Some have sugar, but others use low-calorie sweeteners.”

“Many of the drinks contain herbal, plant or hormonal therapies which have been shown in at least some studies to be effective—but also may have side effects, scientists say.”

Use of melatonin in beverages

Some relaxation supplements contain melatonin – a hormone which can help bring on sleep and fight insomnia.

Aparajitha Verma, medical director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Methodist Neurological Institute in Houston says:

“Taking those should be a last resort only—and if you do, it should be under the supervision of a physician.”

We believe that the use of melatonin is not necessary – kava brings the same properties in a perfectly safe way.

Other common additions

As well as melatonin, other natural substances such as valerian and L-theanine are common additions to relaxation drinks.

But manufacturers don’t have to tell you how much of each ingredient goes into their drinks, so there is no way of knowing just how strong the active ingredients are. One batch often differs to the next so they may be virtually non-existent in some bottles/cans and high in others – consistency becomes a problem.

In the case of valerian it is best if it is minimal because it can cause dependency, according to some doctors.

Some of the active ingredients that are advertised on the bottle, like certain amino acids such as 5-HTP, actually break down in water, so while they may be present when a substance is added to the liquid, they soon dissolve away.

The amount of research on how these different substances interact with each other is also very limited, which is another concern.

Taki Mai kava supplements

We believe that it’s key for an ingredient like kava, which has relaxation and de-stress effects on the body, to be consistent. That’s why we use only kava we are familiar with from the birthplace of Taki Mai’s founder, in Fiji, to make our shots.

The kava is organically grown in optimum soil and climate conditions and we think it’s the best kava in the world….naturally!

Nothing else goes into Taki Mai kava supplements other than single source kava, water, organic cane sugar and natural flavors.

We like to keep it that way because we know the kava itself will give you the de-stressing benefits you’re after, without having to add anything else.

And what does the Wall street Journal say about kava?

“Kava root…..obtains an unusual grade of “A” for treatment of anxiety from Natural Standard Research Collaboration, a Cambridge, Mass., scientist-owned group that evaluates natural therapies. The grade means there is strong scientific evidence for effectiveness…”

Previous health concerns about kava have been proven to be unfounded and Fijians and other Pacific Islanders have been using it safely for many centuries without any related health problems…and plenty of benefits.

We would add that not all kava is equal and few, if any, other relaxation beverage companies use the root from a single source, as Taki Mai supplements do.

In conclusion

Read the labels and be aware that just because the drinks say “all natural” it doesn’t mean they have been heavily tested to find how all the ingredients interact. Also, check what else is in them – sugar, sweeteners, chemicals? Try to find out before buying them.

Taki Mai, on the other hand, is a dietary supplement with one active organic ingredient mixed with only water and natural flavors.

Just like our ancestors did, we like to keep life simple.

By Zane Yoshida

Kava Shots Fit For a Queen!

If you get them right, kava shots can be fit for royalty!

In 1954, the Queen of England visited Fiji, 2 years after her coronation. You can see the video of that event here.

Queen Elizabeth II was greeted in the traditional Fijian way with a kava ceremony – which has been the way that foreign dignitaries have been honoured for centuries in Fiji. When the first kava “cup” was offered to the Queen and she lifted it to her lips and drank, she was returning the honor to Fiji.

Since then numerous members of Royal families have tasted kava in Fiji.

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Choose Your Relaxation Elixir
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