Taki MaiTaki Mai

By Zane Yoshida

Taki Mai kava shots can be enjoyed in many positive ways – we know because Fijians have been doing it for many centuries. We have taken the best from Fijian kava culture and bottled it for you…

1. The refreshing way

Taki Mai shots are refreshing and being made of pure Fijian kava means they provide you with a great re-vitaliser when you need a boost.

2. The natural way

Taka Mai is a traditional blend of kava, prepared in the old way – that means hand-picked organic kava and 100% natural ingredients. We use only Fijian kava extracted from a specific cultivar of the kava species.

3. The ancient way

In Fiji we have always served our newly-arrived guests with kava drinks because of the naturally refreshing and relaxing effect they have. Fijians take hospitality seriously and that’s why we trust in our ancient beverage to help our guests unwind after their travels and make them feel at home and in harmony with their surroundings.

Fijian high chiefs and priests even drank kava to connect with the spiritual world.

4. The consistent way

Consistency can be the hardest element to get right with kava shots. Because of the single-origin kava that we use, our unique production process, and the fact that we do not mix it with other active ingredients, Taki Mai kava shots produce a consistent effect that you can rely on each time you drink them.

5. The healthy way

Kava has been associated with several health benefits. It has been linked to cleaning the urinary tract and may reduce the risk of cancer. But it’s the de-stressing properties of the drink that are best known and that led us to develop our Taki Mai kava shots.

You may not have travelled for hours or days across the seas to get to Fiji’s islands, like in ancient times, but modern life is fast-paced, frenetic and, at times, high stress. People need to unwind, de-stress and relax.

Whichever way you enjoy your next kava shot, bula!

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